Terms of use

Thanks for using Buzitu. Terms of service and being available your access and your use in buzitu internet web site are put to make you aware about your legal rights and responsibilities to all informations depending conditions that will be sent to your party by the way of internet site currently or in the future. So it is a need for you to read terms of use section carefully. Because terms of use section mentions agreements that you had signed while joining our platform. And the parties are depended with these agreements and deals.

Content property of Buzitu.com and Rights of Property

All copyrights of our services and contents' owner are our side. Besides, copyright, patent right, trademark right, intellectual industrial and commercial property rights, logo rights, service rights and any other copyrights that can be protected under law system holder is exactly our side in all over the world.

You admit to know that these services that have unique workings, big efforts and you also admit these services are developed by ourselves with specific methods and standards by the way of time and money.

Besides, you admit that these services can have hidden information determined by Buzitu.com and you can't reveal these informations without written acknowledgement of Buzitu.com. You admit to protect the property rights and valuable rights of services of Buzitu.com during the agreement and after the agreement. And you admit to behave suitable for all logical demands projected by us, our supplier and our content licence owners or you admit to protect all the rights showed up legally by agreements.

You admit and affirm that all legal profits including intellectual right in services' owner is Buzitu.com. Besides, you admit that these services can have hidden information determined by Buzitu.com and you can't reveal these informations without written acknowledgement of Buzitu.com

Buzitu.com doesn't give any rights of usage of any regulations, Buzitu.com's brand name, brand rights, service brands, logos, domain names and the other unique brand qualifications unless otherwise agreed.

You admit not to use any kind of framing to cancel or to hide of removing any identifications informations or property informations or to reveal any copyright or any brand, logo, property informations or changing any colour, location or design.

Any violation will be resulted with legal sanctions under the countries' law system. You can't change or you can't reproduce or you can't benefit from Buzitu.com's content or any sections unless it is declared obviously by Buzitu.com.

We guarentee your usage in our service or in our productions will not be violated by third parties by the law being in force. You admit to make us aware if you violate any rules written in agreement of brand right or other rights said before.

Content access licence of Buzitu.com

We give you a personel, limited, nonassignable licence yo access the services and use services in determined conditions.

You have to use these services legally and suitable for conditions of agreements. You can use the informations that you learn by the way of services just for personel aims.

Unless otherwise stated ; we don't give a licence or open or hidden right to you about IP rights or Buziti.com contents or services.

If you violate any licence conditions, you will open a way to release your account service usage rights and you will have responsible for these violations under brand and intellectual rights of law.

Our licence of accessing your or user content, informations

You give us non-exclusive right, or licence right, having no copyright, right valid in all world to be used by us in future or in right now. You also give all these rights to the providers of your content, having benefits from services users and third party's internet sites, mobile applications and other platforms. Our aim about “use” is using, copying, showing, delivering, changing, translating, changing the format, or giving parts in adds or other works, making the similar contents. You renunciation incorporeal rights about your contents and demands towards third party's services or users .

Demonstrations of your or user's content

You are confirming that you own your content information or all rights on it or you have taken special permission from the owner; all of it or some part of it is not copied from somewhere else; your content information is not presented by automatical system such as script bot etc; using your content information by us, by third person and party or users or the users of third person or third party does not violate your rights; your content information is definite and accurate and it does not violate the conditions or any applicable laws. You are accepting and confirming that you are the only author of that comment if there is a comment in your content information. You are accepting and confirming that your comment is based on a real experience, you are not paid or you don't benefit for commenting or publishing and you have not received any financial, commercial or other personel incentines for commenting something that does not reflect your accurate comment. All risks including any person's information of quality, accuracy or reliance or trusting your exposibility is on you. Along with the keeping our right to take away the content hidden; we can't control the content and transactions that our users publish and guarantee its accuracy, quality or integrity. Yo are confirming that users is all responsible of all requirements that contents bring and all about the published contents.

Abolishing the content

We reserve the right to abolish, ban or disable to any content that can be accepted inappropriate whatever the reason is or without a reason or is against to terms or harms services or users. We are not responsible for delivering the content information to you whicever situation it is related to the laws. We can abolish any comment that is humiliating, defamatory, hateful and does not have concrete evidence.


User comments do not reflect buzitu.com's opinions. Buzitu.com takes a lot of comments that reflect users' opinions. Every comment that is published on buzitu.com only reflects that user's personel opinion. Buzitu.com is a platform that supplies communication betweeen users/ commentators and users or hair dressers owners/ repreentators. Advertisements in buzito.com is published independently and advertisers who advertise to buzitu.com, comments and buzitu.com is related. Along with being an objective platform, we can't give service about the solution of discrepency; however if a person comments something not accurate about a hairdresser, the best method will be the hairdresser's owner / representator contacting with that person or responding publicly to eliminate misunderstanding. If that hairdresser thinks this comment violates the terms of buzitu.com, he can mark it to offer consideration. Buzitu.com as related to its initiative, can abolish that comment if it violates buzitu.com's services or principles and terms or content instructions.


Privacy Policy that is arranged about Content you are accepting and confirming that you read our privacy policy carefully and understand it. When fair reasons are seen by us, information about you will be revealed to third people and state units. Fair reasons, these included and restricted with them; ID doubtful illegal activities, not following terms of usage and privacy policy, not fulfilling the compliance to legal procedures and judgement, not fullfilling the responsibility laws bring such as search summons etc. Protecting our rights, reputation and firehold or our users', public's and association's rights.


A part of our services is supported with advertisement incomes and can include ads and promotions. These advertisements can aim the content of information which is inside of our services or surveys done by services or other information. The meaning, the shape and width of the advertisements by buzitu.com are subject to changes without notifying you. Except buzitu.com allows you to use, you are confirming that buzitu.com can replace advertisement in services. A part of internet site can include advertisement the information that are offered by third people or promotion products or other kinds of materials. The control of including these contents to internet sites or mobile application being appropriate to national and international laws belong to the side that gives these contents. From a platform or our internet side or mobile application except buzitu.com, comes pandances you have done or business aggrements or promotions and advertisements that you attend, procurement of related products or services and related payments and all responsibilites about any term, condition, commitment or declaration only interest you and related advertiser. In any case of deficiency of hitch, a mistake on the material of advertisement of the result of your deal or as a consequence of the advertiser's operating in our internet site having any loos or damage are not under the responsibility of buzitu.com.